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Becoming a Truth Warrior


 How we can help you to feel more confident in your decisions:  

1) Understanding You:  With our assessments, we will help you to understand how you make decisions, the biases holding you back and the biggest barrier to moving you forward.

2) Evolving You:  Together, we create a plan to address the specific barriers holding you back.  We identify actions you can take to confidently overcome these.

3) Supporting You:  Over 3 months, we support you with one on one coaching sessions to help re-enforce the behaviours, keep you accountable and support you through any obstacles.

We work with you live, over video calls to understand you, build the plan and support you to make better decisions.

Strengthen your decision-making muscles. 
Join the 90-day Decision Bootcamp.

Which battle are you fighting?


Becoming a Truth Warrior


Leading a Tribe


Creating your Army


Leading a Tribe of Truth Warriors


How we build confidence and connection in your team and ensure you
are making profitable and innovative solutions for your business:

Understanding Each Other:  This session includes the completion and debrief on how each member makes decisions.  It will help your team members to understand themselves and each other and consider new perspectives that will strengthen decision making.

Everyone has a Voice:  This session will help your team to feel more comfortable with positive tension.  It will challenge them to consider assumptions in themselves and others.  It will teach how to lean in to challenging conversations.

Make Decisions that Count:  This session will offer techniques to define the right problem and allow for failure and risk taking.  We will use games and case studies to bring decision making to life.

We facilitate highly interactive sessions live or virtually.  We can customize content for short (1/2 day) sessions or full team retreats. 


Creating an Army of


How we help to create a culture of connection and set up organizations
to measure, manage and reward the process of decision making:

Understanding the Business:  The process starts with a gap assessment to understand the employee perception of the decision making process and the current measures in place to evaluate decision effectiveness. 

Systematizing Decisions:  Depending on the outcomes of the gap assessment, we can define the decisions rights, do a deep dive on the process gaps, identify key measures or develop an insight strategy that will align ways of working with success metrics.


A Culture of Connection:  We help to manage the change to the desired future state.  This may include leadership development, transition teams, ongoing coaching or project management.

We will work with you define an approach and scope of work
that is suited to your needs. 

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