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I have been in the trenches for over 25 years.  I can drown in data and make it meaningful. I simplify the complex. I have carried the sales bag high above my head and occasionally dragged it like lead at my feet. I am certified to listen to you as a coach and shift with agile methodologies. I am passionate about tools and technology that drive change.  I thrive on healthy debate. I have the scars to prove it.


I write, speak, coach, train, enlighten, inspire and guide.  It is a job I love.  I do not do it alone.  I have learned from the wisdom of the Truth Warriors who have battled before me, continue to fight and from the words from experts I read everyday.   I am inspired by those who speak up for what is right and back down with humility. I am grateful for my tribe who both cheer me on and break me down.

I have seen businesses at the precipice of greatness and helped nudge them over the edge.  I have provided light where there was darkness.  I have shown them a different path and helped them to step upon it.  I have been the lighthouse in the storm. 

 I set up organizations to measure, manage and reward the process of decision making.


I have lead teams in to battle and dressed their wounds.  I have challenged them to find commonality through positive tension.  I bring clarity to uncertainty.   I believe it is more important to be kind than nice and the importance of diversity of thought. 

I teach leaders how to systematize decision making.


I have helped people to think differently. I coach others to challenge their beliefs and to believe in themselves. I’ve told leaders that THEY are the problem and THEY can be the ones to fix it.  I’ve helped people to feel more right (because they understand themselves, their team and their business better) and less right (because every decision is optimal when there is still information to be uncovered).


I can help you to make decisions that count. 

My Battle Scars

My Linked in bio can be found here.  My consulting bio can be found here.

Your Battle Scars

You are on a journey.  You are finding your truth.  You may already be discovering that it is not yours alone. The world may feel broken, or it may feel limitless.  You wonder what your future holds.  You want your life to have purpose and your work to add value.  You need to make the best decisions you can, in uncertain times.


You are ambitious but understand the need for balance.  You know you need collaboration to be successful but you are not quite sure how to get it right.  Decisions are becoming more complex and you are sometimes uncertain about the best way to make them.  You are being pushed to decide without all the information, and pushing others to do the same.  You may go with your gut or stick to logic.  Your goal is to make effective but timely decisions.   You need to figure out when to let go of what is your truth and how to build up systems to enable the truth of others.  You want decisions to count.


You are a leader.  You may be leading a team or driving change in the world.   You might wonder if your expectations are too high, or too low.  You recognize that people have different needs but are not sure how to meet them all.   You are trying to balance urgency with accuracy.   You are trying to be respectful but also challenge the status quo.  You want to build connection.


You have ideas that can drive change.  You are sometimes a lone voice in a sea of bureaucracy or a lost soul filled with self-doubt.  You want those above you to hear your voice.  You strive to make things better.  You are afraid to make mistakes; but you do.   You respect others and want to be respected for the value you offer. 
You want to change the world.

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