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How do you naturally make decisions?

Making decisions that count starts with understanding where you are.  We each will lean towards rational or intuitive decision making.  We each have a natural preference to avoid or engage in difficult conversations.


The further you are on either side of the axis, the bigger the opportunity for you to learn to move the other way.  Truth Warriors fall in the middle and allow themselves to move across the spectrum depending on the situation and the individuals they are interacting with. 

TM Model-smaller.PNG

Other Resources

Julia Galef.PNG

VIDEO: Julia Galef TED Talk: Why you are think you're right -even if you're wrong

Sheena Iyengar-How to make choosing easi

VIDEO: Sheena Iyengar TED Talk:
The art of choosing

Ray Dalio Principles.PNG

VIDEO: Ray Dalio Principles"

The Jefferson Memorial and the 5 Whys.PN

VIDEO: The Jefferson Memorial and the 5 Whys

Jia Jiang.PNG

VIDEO: Jia Jiang TED talk: What I learned from 100 days of 

The Monkey Business Illusion.PNG

VIDEO: Study by Daniel Simon: The Monkey Business Illusion

Factfulness Quiz.PNG

TEST:  Hans Rosling
Factfulness Quiz

The Pursuit of Ignorance.PNG

VIDEO: Stuart Firestein TED talk: The pursuit of ignorance

Process vs Outcome.PNG

DOWNLOAD: Worksheet to evaluate Outcome vs Process

Risk Matrix.PNG

DOWNLOAD: Worksheet to Evaluate Risk 

Dinosaur Hoax-2.PNG

VIDEO: Dinosaur Hoax:  Fossils

Project Implicit.PNG

TEST: Harvard Implicit Association Test 'Project Implicit'

Quantum Physics to 7 year olds.PNG

VIDEO: Dominic Walliman TED talk: Quantum Physics for 7 Year Olds

VENN Diagram.PNG

DOWNLOAD: Blank VENN diagram to find commonality

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