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“This is the book I didn’t realize I needed. Christi challenges her readers to reflect on how we approach decision making in all aspects of our lives.  With the use of personal stories and tangible strategies, Christi carries her audience through a journey of discovering the Truth Warrior in us all, leaving her readers enlightened and wanting more with the turn of each page.”

– Leanne Slaney, Social Worker, Halton Healthcare

Download the OASW workbook to support your learnings from the book.

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How do you naturally make decisions?
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Making decisions that count starts with understanding where you are.  We each will lean towards rational or intuitive decision making.  We each have a natural preference to avoid or engage in difficult conversations.


The further you are on either side of the axis, the bigger the opportunity for you to learn to move the other way.  Truth Warriors fall in the middle and allow themselves to move across the spectrum depending on the situation and the individuals they are interacting with. 

Take the assessment to find out your
natural decision style.

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