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Truth Warriors is Available NOW 
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Available in print, e-book and audio.


"Truth Warriors is packed with fascinating stories, novel insights, and practical tips for every leader who has something worth fighting for."  – Liane Davey, New York Times Bestselling Author of You First and The Good Fight

Truth Warriors about finding your truth and making better decisions. Each of us have the opportunity to make decisions that count, whether in our professional or personal lives. To do so, we must believe in ourselves, yet question our most firmly held assumptions and beliefs. We must know when to speak up and when to be quiet. Making better decisions is about making your voice about our voice and your truth about our truth. Only then can we change the world.”

Download the CITT workbook to support your learnings from the book.

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How can you make better decisions?
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If you want to understand how to make better decisions, it starts by understanding your natural preferences. 


  • Do you go with your gut or need a lot of data? 

  • How easy it for you to have  difficult conversations? 

Discover these answers by taking the FREE assessment!


Once you complete the assessment, you will get a full report that helps you to understand the strengths and risks of your decision style.   This will help you create an action plan for better decision making.

Get your report and book a FREE action planning session.  

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