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Truth Warriors

The battle to hear, be heard and make decisions that count.

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I am here to help you in the battle.

I will challenge you to be brave.  Your voice must be heard….but listen closely. 
Your voice is not the only one I want you to hear. 


You will battle for change….which means that I will show you how to question what you believe.


You will see that conflict is not a dirty word, and will learn how to dance within it.

I will help you to navigate complexity and uncertainty.  I will give you the tools to make decisions that count.

I will help you find truth.

About the Book

Truth Warriors will challenge you to look for facts but trust your experience, believe in your self and yet question your own truth.  It will teach you when to speak up but how to be quiet.  It will help you to make decisions that count.  Only then can we change the world.

The Truth Warrior Battle Cry

Seek Truth

Speak Truth

Lead Truth

How to balance between rational and intuitive decision making.  When to  look for more facts or trust your gut. When is the information you have enough?

How to balance between being conflict averse and assertive.  When to speak up and when to listen.  When do you consider other perspectives or trust your own?

How to let go of your belief and build systems for better decisions.  How can you create harmony and positive tension.  How to be bold and humble and lead change. 

Which battle are you fighting?


Becoming a Truth Warrior

I want to challenge beliefs, be heard, hear others and make decisions that count.


Leading a Tribe

I want to build and enable a team of connected, accountable and creative leaders who make decisions that count.


Creating your Army

I want to create a culture of connection with tribes of  problem solvers who use systems to make decisions that count.


To join the battle, subscribe now.

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