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I would be pleased to be a guest speaker on your podcast, virtual event or in person conference.
My Passion

I am fighting for every voice that gets lost in the darkness.  I am at war with misinformation and every tightly held belief that threatens our future. 


I help leaders find simplicity from complexity, clarity from uncertainty and strength from vulnerability. I help people to be heard, hear others and be confident in their decisions.


I believe in a world where our opinions are not daggers but instead allow us to understand one another better.  I am striving for peace of mind and peace between us. I am fighting for a world based on truth.

Who I am

I am an author, consultant, trainer, speaker and executive coach. I have been helping individuals, teams and organizations to make decisions for more than 20 years.  


As a Partner at Lighthouse Nine Group, I work with multinational clients and small businesses across many diverse industries. 


I help leaders to understand their barriers and build a path to personal and professional growth.

Some of my clients
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My Book

“Truth Warriors is packed with fascinating stories, novel insights, and practical tips for every leader who has something worth fighting for.” —Liane Davey, New York Times bestselling author of You First and The Good Fight

My Credentials

Some Past Keynotes

  • Resilience and Gratitude – The Network of Executive Woman

  • Building Virtual Connection – Food, Health & Consumer Products of Canada

  • Creating Shared Accountability – Ontario Association of Social Workers

  • Finding Commonality in a Divided World – FHCP

  • Managing within Conflict – City of Halton

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Potential Topics
  • How to create a clear path forward in your business and career

  • How to build shared accountability in your teams and with your peers

  • How to navigate complex decisions and the biases that get in the way

  • Why we need less AND more conflict

  • Leaning in to fear and how to find strength in vulnerability

  • Why we need to be kind NOT nice

Sample Questions

What are the things we need to do to make better decisions?

What can leaders do to feel less overwhelmed?

What systems must leaders put in place to enable better team decisions?

What are the things to consider when determining the right path forward?

What advice would you have for those who are struggling to feel heard?

How do you make having difficult conversations easier?

FREE gifts can include a 1 hour coaching session following a personal decision-making ASSESSMENT or a downloadable PDF
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